The Spoke Bistro

A place where joyous memories start

Thinking of a perfect lunch or dinner gate away with romantic rustic setting? You don’t have to pause and go any further. Enjoy our relax and cozy place at the heart of Alam Sutera where green living and cozy neighborhood will warm your heart and soul.

Enjoying our dishes of the fantastic gnocchi pasta tops with mozzarella cheese, or taste French style of escargots to start your palate, or just embraced chatting with your business partner over our coffee and pastries, will surely an amazing treat to enjoy.

Red-washed exposed brick and luxurious modern brass chandeliers add both character and depth to the 70-seat restaurant, while intimate nooks give it a romantic charm.

Luckily, there are a few restaurant examples of the health food trend done right, without having to resort to serving people bags of sadness. But we’re betting you didn’t expect us to tell you that The Spoke Bistro is one of them. Please start your culinary journey with us.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!